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About Lena

Lena is an award-winning writer of speculative fiction and fantasy. She was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and has studied writing all over the world---including at Stanford, Brown, Harvard, and UCLA. She holds an M.F.A. in fiction from Cornell University, where she also taught as a lecturer of English. 

Lena's career has been dedicated to writing. Along with lecturing and teaching, she has worked as a researcher of science fiction; a literary novel judge; a creative consultant; a developmental editor; a game developer and writer; and as an editor for the literary publication EPOCH. 

Lena is currently celebrating the publication of her debut novel, WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE: a science fiction thriller featuring a misanthropic psychologist and her android companions as they voyage on a haunted spaceship. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE is published by DAW Books and Penguin Random House, and can be ordered online or anywhere books are sold.

Lena's next project is to design, write, and code a choice-based interactive fantasy game, as well as to finish her new science fantasy wasteland adventure: an assassin's post-apocalyptic desert romp that lies somewhere between the realms of Mad Max and X-Men.

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