• Lena Nguyen

Judging for Ink & Insights Fiction Contest

You heard (or read) that right: I'm a judge for Ink & Insights 2018! If you haven't heard of it, Ink & Insights is a great competition for novel writers. Every contestant receives detailed feedback and commentary on their manuscript from four expert judges. Not only that, but they also compete for a significant cash prize and (if they've submitted their novels in the Master category) a shot to have their books read by agents for potential publication--no query letters or middlemen required. It's a great thing for emerging writers who need outsider opinions and critical eyes for their stories: the contest is aimed at helping writers polish their 'scripts and improve their skills as much as possible. It's a ton of fun to be a judge so far--I feel like I'm helping people--and I'm sure I'll come out of it with a lot of insight into the craft of writing and editing. If you have a manuscript waiting in the wings, you should check it out! (The deadline for 2018 entries is on June 30th, and all genres are accepted!)

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